Online video sharing is the most essential and helpful marketing strategy for nearly all the internet marketers worldwide.

Whether a person wants to watch or upload music, movies, personal video about family and friends, he does it easily and quickly by visiting a video sharing site. If a person wants to advertise a business and get revenue conveniently and quickly, he does this with the assistance of online video sharing.

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AllShareVideo is a robust and yet comprehensive YouTube script. It includes innovative functionality which will make your website stand out of the crowd: personal channels, address book, import videos from YouTube, options to make hotlist and blacklist site members and much more.

Administrative panel allows to customize profile form, video blocks on front page, video player toolbar and watermark; manage every aspect of members’ activity (videos, channels, comments, playlists); set up payment options, create site moderators, edit site and info pages content, create advertising campaigns.

A wide range of user mode features will help members to express individuality and view points, demonstrate talents and interests. Address book allows to blacklist, hotlist and ignore members; internal message system includes mass mailing option; personal channels are fully customizable (logo, styles, colors, modules arrangement, etc.); member profile reveals latest uploads, friends and recent activity; member videos can be kept in playlists, set up to be viewed by all or restricted; members’ videos can be rated, commented, embedded, flagged, added to favorites, sent or shared.

This video sharing software is open source, template driven, PHP based and installed on your Web server. Free installation, free tech support, lifetime license are guaranteed.

Start your own video sharing site today!

Start your own video sharing site with AllShareVideo!

This turnkey video sharing software includes a wide range of advanced features which help to make a big step forward from the start:
- customizable profile form, video player and personal channels;
- drag&drop functionality for arranging site front page and info pages;
- well-thought-out ways of monetization and MUCH MORE!
The video sharing site is easy to use and maintain, highly customizable, multi-lingual, secure, unlimited, cost effective and without hidden charges.
FREE installation and support.

Start your own video sharing site with AllShareVideo!